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"The fastest LLC registration service I have used. Quick response and great service." - Robby T.

"No brainer for any RV owner. Highly recommend 1 Dollar Montana." - Julien V.

"If you're buying a RV, this is a must use service. They handle everything and make the process so easy." - Paul F.

"Fantastic service, and a great price. I would recommend them to anyone." - Steve C.

"1 Dollar Montana is the best, they are fast and professional." - Fred C.

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Welcome to $1 MONTANA

When my great grandpa was a farmer here in the 1900s, he always said, “I get paid when the wheat is sold.”

We guarantee your money back for the registration costs if we don’t get things done.

We register your vehicle in Montana.

1 Dollar Montana is your most reliable Montana registered agent. We pride ourselves on customer service, speed, and affordability.

Why our MT Registered Agent Service is the Best?

  • We only charge $1 to start. 100% money back guaranteed if we are unable to register your vehicle.
  • Only $49 a year after that. More affordable than others.
  • The price never goes up.
  • We are the fastest to register your LLC and handle vehicle title work.
  • All legal documents are received into your account and securely stored for no additional cost.
  • Your Montana titles, plates, and any DMV originals are sent to you for free.
  • Annual reports can be filed automatically for $50.
  • We are the highest rated Montana Registered Agents.
  • We are commercially licensed. Many agents do this as a side hustle.
  • This is your family business! We have been doing this for decades and truly care about our customers.

Are you looking to form a Montana LLC, form a Montana Corporation, incorporate in Montana, register your out-of-state business in Montana, form a Montana LLC to license your motor-home, RV, recreation vehicle, airplane, trailer, travel trailer, work trailers, trucks, or automobiles? We complete all filings you order, the same day. Our real benefit is our Montana registered agent service for only $49 a year.

How much does it cost to register a vehicle in MT:

$1049, THAT’S IT! Our process is straightforward:

  1. We file your Montana LLC.
  2. We register your vehicle in your Montana LLC.
  3. We overnight your plates and registration back to you.

*Depending on your vehicle, there may be additional fees for state counties.

We ensure all your information is kept completely private and don’t charge extra for this either.

No upsells, no gimmicks. We pride ourselves on great service and the highest customer rating.

*On January 1 2018, a new luxury tax of $800 – $825 has been added by the State Legislature for vehicles with an original MSRP over $150,000 and motorhomes with an original MSRP over $300,000. If your vehicle meets or exceeds those limits, your fee will be $1600 – $1625.

What are your ongoing costs?

  • $49 a year, that is IT! Montana LLCs must maintain a registered agent. That is what this cost covers!
  • On April 15th every year, Montana LLCs must pay $20 to the MT SOS.
  • Yearly registration costs range from $80-310 depending on your vehicle. There is a luxury tax of $800-825 if MSRP exceeds $150,000 or $300,000 for motorhomes.

Why is our Montana vehicle LLC the best?

  1. We’re in a county that doesn’t have a lot of people so our DMV moves faster than our competitors.
  2. We file hundreds of LLCs a month and keep your information private.
  3. Your private information stays off DMV records.
  4. When you go elsewhere, their DMV could take 4-6 weeks and you will probably get your information listed on permanent state records, and thus always be exposed to other states requesting records from Montana.

What Our Montana Vehicle Registration LLC Packages Includes:

  • Speed. Order today and we’ll start your LLC today with documents to you within 24 hours. This is at least three times faster than other services.
  • We keep all your information private.
  • Most efficient title work. We process your title the same day we receive it.
  • A FREE year of our $49 Montana Registered Agent service.
  • Use of our address for your titles, registrations, and insurance.
  • NO GIMMICKS. Other registered agents may upsell you for extra services. We don’t because you don’t need anything else! Our service includes our free privacy service and everything needed to securely register your vehicle in MT.

Why Hire a Montana Registered Agent located in Helena, Montana?

We are the only agent service that can work fast and efficiently for our customers. We’re smaller than big brands and located in a smaller city. Our DMV doesn’t have a long backlog like Kalispell and there is no tax here! As a local Montana Secretary of State expert, we form Montana Corporations, Montana LLCs, and register foreign corporations or LLCs to do business in Montana everyday. Montana has no sales tax. If you’re forming a Montana company to register a vehicle, you have to license your Montana vehicle in the county of your registered agent. Our county (Lewis and Clark County) is the most affordable in Montana, because we do not have the county option tax like almost every other county in MT.


  • This is our family’s business. This is what we live and breathe. We upgraded our software systems in late 2021 to ensure we operate more efficiently than other registered agents. Our software systems are comparable to many top law firms, where you can login, see your account info, see your documents, and even chat with our team. We provide you with tools to actually make registering in Montana easier.
  • Steady and Slow. When my father started helping his friends register their RVs and exotic cars here in 2017, he did it to help them. Now we’ve extended that same love and care to every customer. We believe in taking care of our clients one by one.
  • Long Term Customers. Almost every one of our customers comes back to us when they purchase another vehicle or trailer. Though our business isn’t sexy, we love our customers so they keep coming back. We have never lost a customer to another agent service.
  • Tradition. Just like my grandfather said on his farm raising my dad, “Work hard in silence and let your plants show.” Most of our business comes from customer referrals because of the quality service we provide.
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