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"The fastest LLC registration service I have used. Quick response and great service." - Robby T.

"No brainer for any RV owner. Highly recommend 1 Dollar Montana." - Julien V.

"If you're buying a RV, this is a must use service. They handle everything and make the process so easy." - Paul F.

"Fantastic service, and a great price. I would recommend them to anyone." - Steve C.

"1 Dollar Montana is the best, they are fast and professional." - Fred C.

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About Us

A Family Registered Agent Service Located in Lewis and Clark County

When my grandpa moved to Helena in the 1920s, there was just farm land. Our family grew wheat and cherries. We grew up working with our hands, caring for our crop with a feeling that we are providing for this country. Although times have changed now, my grandpa’s moto still stays true to this day in our family.

When we started helping friends out of state register LLCs and vehicles in Montana, it was just between friends. My father would say, send me your information and title with a $1 bill. When I do the work and send you back your title, you send me a check.

That process of doing the work and then getting paid has stayed true to this day. That’s why we’re called 1 Dollar Montana. We only charge you when we do the work

As with any family business, we have deep roots in Montana:

  • We started just doing this work for friends and family out of state. When Uncle Frank wanted a new truck, he’d send us his title to register here. Soon Frank’s friends wanted the same work done. Before long, we realized this could be a real business and word spread organically. Last year we were handling a few hundred registrations a month. For a family business, that was quite a lot without technology.
  • That’s why in the end of 2021, we invested in a new website and online portal that made our lives easier as well as our customers. Now everything we do for you is visible online. You can communicate with our team, see your LLC work, see your title, and more. This new website and online portal has inspired us to grow. At the beginning of 2022, we hired a digital marketing agency and started running ads for this first time.
  • So if you’re new to 1 Dollar Montana, Welcome! We love our customers and were able to grow to where we got to just by word of mouth. Now we’re here to help anyone looking to register in Montana. Our county is one of the smallest and that’s why we can work faster than any other agent service.

If you’re looking for Montana, you’ve found the right place.

When you look at other agent services, one pointer is to make sure they only work in Montana. Many of the big law firms will outsource their work to us, as we are Montana experts. By working directly with us, you can enjoy the same wholesale pricing that a firm asking us to maintain hundreds of companies can enjoy.

Our pricing is straightforward and the most affordable you will find. We are the fastest at registering and handling title work. We don’t offer any price breaks, no fancy pricing games, no hidden fees, no up-sells on any additional services telling you that you need something more.

Over the years, my father has seen a lot of Montana Registered Agent businesses come and go. The majority of them are out of homes or residences. When we look at current MT SOS filings, we find it baffling that anyone hires a registered agent that provides a residential address. What will happen when that person sells their home, gets a divorce, or just needs to move? Appointing a registered agent gets their address on a lot of your documents. The address a registered agent gives you, in our mind, should be commercial and available for a long time.

One thing special about our family is that we take extreme pride in the work we do, but are not ashamed to take a day off and go fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, skiing, golfing, camping, shopping, or just a day off without going into the office.

Our family is hardworking and has been for generations. With that said, if you find us answering a call on the go, we’re either on the way to the DMV or heading to the ski hill not far from our office. The work life balance here is what we love and regardless of what we’re doing, we’ll answer your questions or calls within 12 hours.

Rest assured, we take your business needs seriously. Montana Registered Agent and Montana LLC services is all we do.

  • Our 24-hour business formation service is fast.
  • We are the fastest DMV service. We typically have clients sign up, and have plates and registration back in their hands within 2 weeks. Most other services take 5.
  • Our online account system is leading the Montana registered agent industry with reports, reminders, and resources.
  • We are continually trying to make sure we stay at the top of our game.
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