Montana Vehicle Registration

There are only two parts of our business:

Montana Vehicle Registration and Montana LLC Registration

Montana Vehicle Registration Services

We are your complete solution for Montana LLC vehicle registration. This includes forming your LLC, titling your vehicle in your LLC, and we include the first year of DMV fees unlike others!

Montana Vehicle Registration Services

Please see the total cost for registration ONLY:

Type Cost
Vehicle/RV Registration $549
Boat Registration $549
Trailer Registration $449
ATV Registration $349

*Save $100 on each additional vehicle after the first two.

**An $800 – $825 luxury tax is charged by the state on vehicles with an original MSRP at or above $150,000 and RVs with an original MSRP at or above $300,000.

Once you submit your order, we’ll get to work right away. We are the fastest registration service in Montana. Your plates, registration, and new Montana title will be sent directly to you.

After your first year of registration, you will pay the DMV directly. We will get the renewals for the license plates and forward these to you, or if you listed your own address for the mailing address, the renewals will come back to you. If you prefer, you can renew your plates online at:

Montana LLC Services

$849 is the total cost to create your MT LLC, register your vehicle, and receive your license plates at your address. This includes shipping!

Our price is $400 more affordable than other Montana LLC registration services, and half the price for ongoing registration.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  1. We only charge you $1 to start. We bill you when we complete the work you hired us to do.
  2. Our registered agent service is only $49 a year. It’s all-inclusive and provides you with industry-leading web tools to maintain your LLC.
  3. We are the fastest registration service in Montana. Most other businesses take 5-6 weeks to complete. We do the work in under half that time.
  4. Your total LLC cost is $300 (or more if you qualify for the luxury tax), and it will be done in one day.
  5. Your total RV cost, including the DMV fees, is $549. If we are also filing your LLC, the total cost is $849.
  6. We don’t try to up-sell you anything or mark up any state or county fees. If you want a custom license plate, we do charge a additional $299 for that.